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Metal Chess

Description :

Metal Chess is a game of chess with a very simple interface without frills, but with a strong game engine Greko 12.9.

In the main menu, you can choose between the standard game and the editor to specify an arbitrary position.

Standard game.

- Using the menu you can select two versions of the game: the game with the game engine or game with a partner. Also in the menu you can choose the color of the figures with which You will play.

- To move figures use two methods. Or put a figure to the new location by dragging or by using two taps: first select the figure, and then specify its new location on the playing field.

- Using a rotating list you can view the history of the game in the mini game notation. To rotate, click on the round button and dragging will make the rotating motion of the finger.

- At the end of the game you can see the result, the statistics of previous games played, as well as to post on the wall VKontakte about the outcome of the game.

Editor arbitrary position.

- In the editor, you can define any arbitrary chess position by dragging the figures from the list of white and black figures. To define the possibility of castling are special pieces.

- To move the figures on the Board, use two methods. Or place the figure in a new location by dragging or by using two clicks: first select the figure and then specify its new location on the playing field.

- To save a preset position you can use a special menu. In the input line you can enter an arbitrary name. After saving a new chess position appears in the list, from which you can select to load other previously saved positions.

- After setting the chess problems, before the game, the menu opens select the option game. The purpose of this menu is the same as in the standard game.

Enjoy the Game!

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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-08
Developer : DOGB GAMES
Current Version : 2.1
Size : 28.9M
Reviews : 8.5
Installs : 31795
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