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Description :

BabaGIS is powerful GIS application for viewing end editing spatial data stored in Oracle Spatial databases through BabaGIS Middle-Tier Web Service running on Windows Server. BabaGIS Web Service handles requests from users running BabaGIS android application, read spatial and attribute data from Oracle database and sends data back to BabaGIS mobile application. Supports Oracle SDO Geometry and Oracle geo-referenced raster images (GeoRaster). BabaGIS users can also import GIS and CAD data from DXF files. Field work users will recognize power of this application by using zoom to GPS location feature. Oracle spatial data owners can contact author regarding setup of BabaGIS Web Service.
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About This Application :

Updated : 2017-02-13
Developer : Mirza Coralic
Current Version : 1.1
Size : 1.2M
Reviews : 8.9
Installs : 17171
Google Play Link: Link

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