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Description :

- It is nice to have encrypted notes on your phone. Wouldn't it be great if you could send/receive encrypted notes to trusted contacts on your Android phone?
- Do you want a solution that allows secure information exchange with trusted contacts on your Android device?

If so, Celatum can help you to

1) Store secure notes.
2) Send secure notes to trusted contacts.
3) Receive and store secure, encrypted notes from contacts.
4) Maintain a list of trusted contacts.

Celatum uses industry standard Java security encryption and public key cryptography. These libraries ship with Android.

This free version uses
1) AES 256 bit encryption.
2) RSA 2048 bit public key cryptography for contact authentication.
3) Gmail is the preferred mail client to use for transmitting encrypted notes.

Check out the video. User guide will be published soon. Stay tuned.

* Read the document on how Celatum works
* An FAQ is here

** If you are switching to a new phone, please use backup tool on Android to restore app on new phone. So that, you don't need to reconfigure all your apps including Celatum.

Video :

CelatumCelatum 1Celatum 2Celatum 3Celatum 4

About This Application :

Updated : 2017-05-10
Developer : Harisankar Krishna Swamy
Current Version : 1.21
Size : 1.1M
Reviews : 5
Installs : 24610
Google Play Link: Link

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