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Protractor + Angle Gauge Free

Description :

You should choose this app because it is different. This app allows you to measure the angle using side edge of your phone, just like using a real digital protractor. If the existing protractor solutions are not good enough for your task, please try our app. We also provide an angle gauge which can measure the slope.

If you UPGRADE to pro version:
You can save the measurement data and then email it.
Pro version is ad free.

How To Use Protractor (see attached pictures)
Step 1: An angle has two rays. Put the phone on the first ray, press the "START MEASURE" button. The displayed angle value is reset to 0.
Step 2: Locate the second ray, and put the phone on it. The measured angle will be displayed in the unit of degrees. Assuming that in step 1 the phone is in a plane, in step 2, make sure that the phone is either in the same plane or in a parallel plane.

How To Use Angle Gauge (see attached picture)
Go to setting page and enable angle gauge. Put the phone on the surface to be measured. The displayed angle value is the angle from the measured surface to the ground level.

For both protractor and angle gauge, calibration makes measurement more accurate.

1. When measuring angles in a horizontal plane, with magnetic sensor used, metal objects nearby can cause measurement inaccurate.
2. The shape matters. Phones with round edge or uneven bottom could generate less accurate results.

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