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94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz

Description :

“You’re cold, you’re getting warmer, you’re burning….” Does this bring back memories? Play this addicting game and test your general knowledge while having fun!

After 94 Seconds, with over 15 million downloads, discover the new 94 game developed by Scimob.

Find an image or a zone and pin it! The closer you are, the hotter you get. You’ve already caught on, the right answer is at 94°.

Where is Brazil?
What is the top speed of a leopard?
Where are your triceps?
Where is the ham on a pig?
What does a golden retriever look like? and a monkfish?
Where is the red color on a rainbow?
You like sirloin, but can you find it on a beef picture?

Complete all the levels with diverse questions on countries, logos, fingers of the hand, historic dates, culinary specialties, the parts of a pig, geometrical shapes, states, speeds of different animals, country flags, hidden symbols and objects, musical instruments, fruits, dogs, fish etc…



* 1 image, 1 zone to find: it’s up to you to pin it! The closer you get to the right answer, the hotter it gets, and the more the lizard appreciates the heat! Of course, you’ll find the right answer at 94°!

* 2 different jokers are available to help you find the answer.


Challenge your friends!


You can play in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian or Portuguese.

Video :

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