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Guess That Celebrity

Description :

Test your ability and try to guess all the most popular celebrities from all over the world! Each character will be represented like a pop-art artwork, the style of the works of Warhol and Lichtenstein, with an increasing difficulty. To pass the level you need to position all the letters of the full name of the celebrities in the right way. Can you find all the actors, singers, athletes and VIP represented? You must sweat because there are over 200!

"Damn, I can’t go on!"
Don’t worry! If you can’t recognize a character, you have credits to get clues. You will get the credits guessing the characters or purchasing them.

"I wonder if anyone else is able to recognize them?"
During the game you can often suggest to your friends to participate inviting them on major social networks (facebook, twitter, etc..) or by email. The more we are, the more we have fun! By saving your score on Game Center you can also challenge all the users who are playing. Can you be on top of the chart?

"Ah-ah! I guessed them all, and now? "
If you were so clever to complete the game, do not sit down: hundreds of other characters to guess are coming. Always update your app and follow our page on Facebook.

Guess-That-CelebrityGuess-That-Celebrity 1Guess-That-Celebrity 2Guess-That-Celebrity 3Guess-That-Celebrity 4Guess-That-Celebrity 5Guess-That-Celebrity 6Guess-That-Celebrity 7Guess-That-Celebrity 8Guess-That-Celebrity 9Guess-That-Celebrity 10Guess-That-Celebrity 11Guess-That-Celebrity 12Guess-That-Celebrity 13Guess-That-Celebrity 14Guess-That-Celebrity 15Guess-That-Celebrity 16Guess-That-Celebrity 17Guess-That-Celebrity 18Guess-That-Celebrity 19Guess-That-Celebrity 20Guess-That-Celebrity 21Guess-That-Celebrity 22Guess-That-Celebrity 23Guess-That-Celebrity 24Guess-That-Celebrity 25Guess-That-Celebrity 26Guess-That-Celebrity 27Guess-That-Celebrity 28Guess-That-Celebrity 29Guess-That-Celebrity 30Guess-That-Celebrity 31Guess-That-Celebrity 32Guess-That-Celebrity 33Guess-That-Celebrity 34

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Updated : 2017-02-10
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