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Logo quiz football teams 14/15

Description :

Logo quiz football teams is a logo quiz game very complete of football, as it has a total of 718 football teams over 44 leagues, divided in 4 continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe). Game has more first division football teams that other available.

Millions of football fans around the world can know many football clubs but never enough, or really do not know how many know already, so what better than an application on your phone that contains more than 44 important leagues all over the world.

You know soccer teams name or shield? yes? Then you will find it easy to hit the unbeatable figure of 718 names and logo of football teams.

The quiz football game has three game modes: write teams (popular game mode to write football teams), guess the name (it looks a logo and has to point out the correct name of the 4 possible), and guess the logo (you know the name and have to choose the correct shield of 4 that look).

Test yourself, it is impossible to get bored!

- 3 game modes: write teams, guess the name and guess the shield
- 44 most famous leagues around the world
- 718 logos and names of football teams
- 120 different levels to play
- Updated all leagues to season 14/15

All logos, team names and league names included at this logo quiz football game are property of their respective clubs and federations. Since this application is intended to inform most important football clubs in the world and still enjoy the most beautiful sport: football.

Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 1Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 2Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 3Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 4Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 5Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 6Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 7Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 8Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 9Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 10Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 11Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 12Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 13Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 14Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 15Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 16Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 17Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 18Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 19Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 20Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 21Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 22Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 23Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 24Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 25Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 26Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 27Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 28Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 29Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 30Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 31Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 32Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 33Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 34Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 35Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 36Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 37Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 38Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 39Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 40Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 41Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 42Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 43Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 44Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 45Logo-quiz-football-teams-1415 46

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