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Who Becomes Rich (Trivia Quiz)

Description :

"Who becomes rich" is a classical multiplechoice trivia quiz game, where you have to answer questions like you know it from TV Quizshows. You can choose between three lifelines. This is a game that will test your trivial knowledge and education. You can also compete with your friends over a highscore (maybe one of you can become a millionaire in one of the tv or radio shows). Your private pub quiz.

We have so far hundereds of questions about topics like: General knowledge, Sports, Movies, Politics, Geography, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, ...
Every player can add questions by simply submitting them via an ingame submitter. After being reviewed they are going to be added to the database.

We are working on translations to other languages. If you want to participate, don't hesitate to write us an email.
You can use the facebook connection to share scores with friends (howabout a little quizduell?)

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Full network access & view network connections:
This permission is used to communicate with the user (feedback, new questions) as well displaying advertisements.

Read battery statistics:
The battery-permission is used by our new advertisement network in Germany in order to show relevant ads according to the batery status. We are currently changing to a high quality adnetwork. In future we want to show less but more relevant ads.

Video :

Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-QuizWho-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 1Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 2Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 3Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 4Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 5Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 6Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 7Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 8Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 9Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 10Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 11Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 12Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 13Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 14Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 15Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 16Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 17Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 18Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 19Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 20Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 21Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 22Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 23Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 24Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 25Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 26Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 27Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 28Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 29Who-Becomes-Rich-Trivia-Quiz 30

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